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Laser: Treatments


All things are possible with great brows and lashes

Permanent Eyebrows, microblading


Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make up. By filling the skin below the eyebrow with pigment, you will have fuller eyebrows for up to twelve months. 


microblading, permanent eyebrows

Microblading Touch Up

Keep your microbladed eyebrows looking fresh and full with our Touch Up service. 


eyelashes, eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Make your lashes stand out with eyelash extensions. Our extensions will leave your eyelashes looking naturally full, long, and beautiful. 


eyelashes, eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions Fill

As your eyelashes undergo their natural shedding process, you can keep them full with our eyelash extension fill service. 


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